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Orthotics & Prosthetics

Custom Prosthetic Devices
Custom & Off the Shelf Orthotic Devices

Upper Extremity Prosthetics

Advanced mio-electric and body powered devices

We fit both traditional style body powered hook systems as well as highly advanced computer-controlled prosthetic devices. Modern hands can grasp delicate things such as an egg using advanced mind-controlled interface systems


Lower Extremity Prosthetics

Comfortable and tailored to each patient's needs

Patient comfort is our number one goal. New materials and ideas allow us to fit our patients with the highest comfort in mind. By working with our patients we are able to deliver prosthetics that the patient can use all day, every day.

Bracing & Orthotics

Post Surgical, Sports, Stroke & Rehab

We offer both off the shelf and custom bracing solutions. Whether you are recovering from a stroke or need a sports knee brace after a football injury we are pleased to help.

Services Included

We work with each patient from initial evaluation through the approval process to delivery.

Insurance HELP

We assist each patient with navigating the complex insurance process.

Co-Pays & Deductibles

Our office calls ahead of time to get the best information we can on what each patient responsibility will be. Keeping each patient informed on what they will be out of pocket for every device.

Team Approach

Our office acts as a team and that includes you. Whether it is insurance forms, or deciding on what foot to choose everyone at O’Connor Orthopedics works as a team unit to get you fitted best.

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation insurance can be difficult. We work diligently with your case manager to streamline the process.

Financing & Payment Plans

If and when a patient has a copay or deductible or must come out of pocket and pay cash for a device we offer easy financing and payment plans for all patients. Please feel free to ask about what the best way for us to help you is.

Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is our number one goal and we strive for it every day. Your voice whether good or bad is how we know how we are doing. Please let us know.