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About Us


Leaders in Patient Satisfaction


Everything about our services

We offer premium orthotic and prosthetic services for Southern California. Our highly trained and skilled staff are here to assist our patients. We offer personalized service and pride ourselves on patient satisfaction and outcomes.


Our philosophy explained

O’Connor Orthopedics & Prosthetics strive for the best for our patients. Unlike many clinics, we find it is best to listen to our patient’s and allow them to work with us as much as we work with them. After speaking in depth about the patient is looking to achieve we then lay out as many options as we can and work towards a common goal. With this team mindset we find that both the patient and the rehab team achieve greater success.


A little about our past

For more than 30 years O’Connor Orthopedic has been Orange Counties premiere Orthotic and Prosthetic supplier. After almost three decades of excellence, we often see client’s from around the globe including Spain, Iran, Japan, and more. We use a combination of tried and true techniques combined with cutting-edge technology to tailor each device to the client’s needs.

A little bit about us!

We provide both off the shelf and custom orthotics as well as fully custom prosthetic limbs!

Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is our number one goal and we track it to verify that every patient is satisfied. Since going electronic seven years ago every patient we see has had a patient satisfaction survey sent to them. We sustain a 95.66% rating via QualityOutcomes.com


34% of our total business is orthotic services. This includes everything from off the shelf wrist braces to custom knee braces and beyond. Not only do we offer simple off the shelf solutions but also fully custom orthotic items.


66% of our total business is comprised of custom prosthetic devices. This includes simple below the knee prosthetic devices to highly integrated mio-electrically controlled artificial hands. If you have seen it we have done it and now with an in-house 3D printer and scanner we can do it quicker.

Meet Our Team

We have a highly skilled team to help best assist the patients.

Rod O'Connor
Owner & CPO
Rod O’Connor attended the UCLA orthotics & prosthetics school. He has been certified for over 20 years and currently owns and operates O’Connor Orthopedic. Besides working Rod enjoys boating and racing.
Hobie O'Connor
Hobie O’Connor attended CSU Dominguez Hills and has been certified for seven years. He currently works with the more technologically advanced components including mioelectrics and 3D printing. When not at work Hobie can be found on mountain biking or backpacking.
Sandy Ramirez
Office Manager
Sandy keeps O’Connor Orthopedic open. From answering the phones to assisting patients with insurance she can do it all.
Matthew Grond
Lead technician
Matthew Grond is a great asset to O’Connor Orthopedic. He leads all fabrication in the lab and makes sure limbs keep coming out the doors. When not working Matt enjoys fishing and boating.


We pride ourselves on being certified by the best in O&P