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We are always working hard to integrate the best technologies in our themes.

Bilateral Amputee & Client Lou Figueroa

Lou Figueroa is a bilateral amputee, Right below the knee & Left above the knee.¬† Lou is a client and friend of O’Connor Orthopedic as well as amputee superstar. Not only does he do motivational speaking but is also patient advocate for amputees all over the world. It is always a pleasure when he stops by with new toys.

Lou Recently came in to allow us to work with two new Ossur Proprio feet with vacuum. As you can see they are extremely fluid and walk very nice. We are extremely impressed with the new Proprio.



Southern California's First 3D printer

O’Connor Orthopedic is proud to announce that we are the first orthotics and prosthetics clinic in Southern California to incorporate 3d printing and scanning into our everyday practice. Patients will see a reduction in the time it takes them to get their device and also a vast increase in the comfort due to the precision fit we can now offer.

With the precision of our new in-house 3d scanner and software, we have the ability to capture the patient’s residual limb with extreme precision. With this virtual model, we can then modify it and print multiple check sockets for our patient’s to try.

This entire process is extremely clean and quick. Patient’s can expect check sockets to be done within hours instead of weeks or days and finished prosthesies¬†in a matter of days. This unbelievable technology is going to revolutionize our industry and we are proud to be the first office in Southern California to offer this to our patients.


FREE Initial Evaluations

Patients are welcome to call or email to talk about specifics. We then always recommend that you come into our office for a free initial evaluation where we can fully evaluate you and speak about options.



Patient Satisfaction

We pride ourselves on patient satisfaction. With both orthotic and prosthetic goods we work with our patients to make sure all items are of the highest quality and fit. We then follow up to be assured that all items are working well.

Our Work


Quality & Comfort

Using advanced 3D scanning and printing technology combined with hand molding and modifying skills we are able to deliver high-quality goods that fit great. We work extremely hard to deliver comfortable fitting prosthetic devices.



We work with our patients to develop orthotics and prosthetics that integrate into their lifestyle, mending our experience and expertise to the patients wants & needs.


Using advanced 3D scanning and printing as well as other tools we can capture and develop devices to the highest possible standard. The days of hand casting and covering patients in plaster are behind us.


Education and information are king. All of our patients are taught how to use their device and shown what it will and won’t do. This allows for much better outcomes and a happier patient.


Communication is crucial. We listen to what the patient wants and needs and work to combine those with our expertise. Often we find that the patient has done great research and know what may work for them.


Our office operates quickly to get insurance approval quickly. With that out of the way we try to get our work done quickly so that our patients can get back to their lives.


The medical system is complicated enough. Our office tries to make this aspect as simple as possible. We work with your doctor, therapist, or insurance as much as we can so that you don’t have to.

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